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We found no audits of this contract. We recommend contacting the contract author or service creator directly and ask if their contract has been audited. If they have had their smart contract audited, refer them to SolidStamp and ask them to list their audit. Additionally, you can request an audit directly from one of the SolidStamp auditors.

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Deployed to addresses

The contract code is shared by the following contracts
Address Contract balance
0x1e39FbF0c16A20F65613a4eD1baA088A8937B15c 113 307.15 Ether
0x94133870506AF5D0644F41A2ee62cC387B81135E 88 054.30 Ether
0x3EB01B3391EA15CE752d01Cf3D3F09deC596F650 72 102.43 Ether
0xd20E4d854C71dE2428E1268167753e4C7070aE68 20 190.24 Ether
0x9c5254d935CF85Bb7bEBDD8558D3b11cd27a387D 20 000.05 Ether